Great Day Protocol.

Truth bomb. I use Young Living Products everyday. Every. Single. Day. You know what i don’t do everyday? Apply specific blends of essential oils onto my body for a purpose. Of course I use Yl deodorant, Savvy Make-up, Thieves Cleaner, drink ningxia red, take master formula vitamins, drink the chocolate shakes, use the sunblock, and diffuse. But I don’t actively use my oils for daily purposes.

Crazy right?!? This changes now. For the next fifteen days I will be practicing a very simply, yet engaging, essential oil regimen.

“Gary’s Great Day Protocol” (Who’s Gary? Gary is the man responsible for all things Young Living. We tragically lost this great man to a stroke this past year. May he rest in peace) consists of the essential oil blends Valor®, Harmony™, Joy™, and White Angelica™. It is the premiere was to amp up your daily intentions.

Practicing the protocol might help you focus attention to the smaller detail, promote positive communication, see solutions clearly, higher enthusiasm, and better follow through. Basically with this regimen you are using aromatherapy to solidify your daily intentions (which are like super charged goals, in my opinion).

If your like me, you want every day, every action, every job to be intentional, to have purpose. You see a goal and you get it. Let aromatherapy help you.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff:
Make sure you have Valor, Harmony, Joy, and White Angelica at the ready. (I am keeping mine on my vanity)
Start with Valor. Valor is know for balancing the bod’s electrical energy. Apply a few drops to you left palm and rub together while inhaling the aroma. Set your intention for the day utilizing the grounding properties of the blend. Next, apply some Valor to the back of your neck and then place another drop on your wrist and hold your wrists together for a moment. As you hold the pulse points, breathe that oil in and take a moment to reaffirm your intentions. What do you want to cultivate? What do you want to accomplish?
Step 2 Is Harmony. Place one drop on your left palm and rub palms together while inhaling the scent. Place harmony on your Solar Plexus Chakra (right above and below navel). The Third Chakra is you “will” energy center. Repeat the phrase “Let my will harmonize and align to the greater good for all I connect with today”

Step 3 if Joy. Place a drop onto your left palm and rub together inhaling the scent. Then place your hands on your heart. Take a moment to let this blend infuse into your heart’s desires.
Step 4 is White Angelica. This oil is known for it’s energetic protection properties. Like a knight protecting you against negative energy.or disturbing thoughts. Place a drop of White Angelica in your left palm. Rub your palms together while inhaling the scent. Gently brush your hands over the crown of your head down your neck and chest, all the way down to your feet. Imagine a protective bubble encasing you with groovy vibes of positive energy. Again, revisit your intention for the day.
Make sure you keep a log of your intentions, accomplishments, and feelings and even share with me, if your comfortable!

credit for this information goes to the Young Living Blog.



Have you ever had feelings of underachievement? Periods of time where you think lowly of yourself, you’re afraid of what other people are thinking or saying about you behind your back? Feelings of depression or insecurity? The inescapable and often irrational fear of being a powerless human being who simply cannot do anything right? Do you feel ashamed of yourself with out warrant?

This could mean you Solar Plexus Chakra is out of whack. Listen, I am not a doctor, i am not a trained counselor, but I am a crazy hippie lady who likes pretty rocks and sitting criss cross applesauce in the middle of a room with my eyes closed.

Let me start off by saying:

I wish I could go to one of those resorts, where I am pampered with massages, facials, seaweed wraps, and whatever else Gwenyth Paltrow says is good for my vagina. Alas, jade eggs and steam from a virgin’s sweat is out of my price range. So I have to resign myself to homegrown techniques. Essential oils and crystals are my go to jam when I am all out of virgin sweat.

When your Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced you have a sense of achievement, high self esteem, security in life, and you feel love for yourself. The Solar plexus is the source of will power and strength to achieve your goals.

Located in the upper abdomen your Solar Plexus is the center of positive energy and self confidence. When that chakra is unbalanced all this goes out the window. But how can you change that? Essential oils and crystals are the easiest way to put yourself in the rights. We live busy lives, and meditation may not always fit into our schedules, but a few strokes of an energetic roller ball can completely change the game in balancing chakras.

I start off by cleansing and blessing my crystals by using a sage smudge stick. I project intention into the crystals. For the Solar Plexus, Citrine is my preferred choice. Citrine is regarded as the memory stone and is believed to elevate optimism and energy. In working with the solar plexus chakra it warms the core and radiates power, centeredness, confidence, and endurance. Citrine is absolutely amazing for this purpose because of it’s unique property. Citrine is one of the few stones that clears negative energy rather than absorbing it. It welcomes a wide range of positive possibilities. It’s basically the friend you call when having a bad day, and they show up with a frosty bottle of Moscato and two glasses.

I also really love utilizing my essential oils to balance my chakras. The Solar Plexus responds well with Lemon, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Rosemary. I like to inhale these oils directly, and place them into a crystal roller ball! Get yours HERE! I keep my chakra roller balls at the ready, you never know when you’ll have a day that will unbalance your Solar Plexus Chakra.