Autumn Brews for the Soul


Autumn. Literally the most fabulous time of year. Seriously. I do not trust anyone who doesn’t love Autumn. The smells, the brisk air (unless you live in Arizona like I currently do), the cardigans (OH MY!). Growing up in Michigan spoiled me to the grandeur beauty of Autumn. The beautiful colors of leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and an perfect opportunity to nerd out in my cardigans and Harry Potter scarf. I never saw Autumn as a time of dying, an end to all that is alive. I always saw it as a time to reflect, a time to wash away the sweat and dirt of the passing year and prepare for the new.  Unfortunately, the Arizona desert is 96 degrees even in October and I am feeling all out of sorts. To remedy my bleak situation I drew my shades, turned down the air conditioner, put on a cardigan over my tank top, popped in some HP, and filled up my diffuser with Autumn Brews that will totally trick you into thinking your experiencing the best Autumn in history ( and I should know a thing or two about history, I have a masters in the subject!)


This blend has me feeling like I am back at my parents house traipsing through the woods. I can almost hear the turkeys gobbling!


Holy Moly. Where are my uggs? I literally can’t even with this divine aroma filling my home.


Hungry? yeah… me too!


This is delicious and soothing. I was having a tickle throat the other day.. apparently the desert heat does not disqualify us from Autumn colds… I had this particular brew and I was a new woman. On top of that, it smells like Autumn in a cup.

I sincerely request that you try these blends. I happen to enjoy them thoroughly. I know you will too! If you do not have a diffuser… or oils for that matter… contact me via email and I can totes hook you up!

Happy Oiling!


    1. Krista! I am always homesick for Michigan! I basically live with my diffuser on at this point. Arizona’s autumn and I do not agree!

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